Download and Installation

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Thank you for downloading the Free version of RadioWorks.


The installation brings you to the password window. Just press the Enter key to get in. You may set your own password later if you like.


Since the installation does not put a shortcut on your desktop to start RadioWorks each day, you may do that by opening your C drive and the RWFREE folder. Find the fox head named RW or RW.exe. Right-click it and choose Send to, then Desktop (make shortcut). You may like to view this: Making a Desktop Icon for starting RadioWorks.



When you have viewed all of the sample data, you may clear it out by going to File, Maintenance, Restore. Click the Get File button and find and double-click the file. When it is displayed in the Archive File Name window, click OK and you will have new tables ready for your data. Here is how: Cleaning out the Sample Data.



Please view the First Things Videos to get an idea of how to start getting RadioWorks ready for your station.


Please let me know if you have any problems or questions. john [at] freeradioworks [dot] com or 813-766-3516.



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